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About Academii

Our eLearning platform provides engaging, bite-size and high-quality content aimed at providing the skills needed for the underserved blue-collar workforce of today to support the needs of organisations tomorrow.

Our vast library of eLearning courses cover topics including health & safety, workplace basics and management skills. We help organisations streamline and digitise their training material to support a safer, more productive, and more dynamic workforce.

We push the boundaries of traditional training and skills development, incorporating gamification and virtual reality into our courses, offering immersive and effective learning experiences fit for the workforce of tomorrow.

We help organisations become aspirational places to work by offering opportunities for their people to flourish, unlocking hidden talent, and creating a pipeline of skilled and motivated colleagues.

We will help organisations overcome the skills crisis and thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Powering up people

The world of work is changing. We know that industry needs people with core skills such as communicating effectively and showing empathy, alongside more advanced skills to embrace automation and developing technologies. We’re utilising multiple training methods including mircrolearning and virtual reality to truly engage a new generation of talent.

A safer environment, a more productive and future-focused workforce are goals we can help companies achieve. We are on a mission to arm an entire workforce with the skills needed to help companies thrive.

Our values

we provide inclusive learning content to support career progression, nurturing a hidden layer of talent in the workforce and enabling individuals to thrive.

we believe technology should be accessible to everyone and simple to use without compromising on results.

we solve problems. We look ahead and embrace emerging technology such as virtual reality to future-proof our approach to learning.

we work with our customers to understand their training needs, creating bespoke content and utilising a variety of digital training methods to support learners’ growth and development.

we help organisations become safer, more compliant, and ultimately more successful as a result of developing and empowering their people.

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