Compliance Made Easy

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When you think about compliance, quite often the words “boring”, “repetitive” and “predictable” spring to mind.

However, being compliant in areas such as health & safety, issuing updated risk assessments and standard operating procedures (SOPs) are tremendously important tasks (and a legal requirement) for thousands of businesses across the UK. Compliance is a must.

For large, blue-chip businesses, employing thousands of staff and contractors across multiple locations, there is a significant challenge issuing new risk assessments, operating procedures and consistent compliance training. Compliance courses cover important topics and issues that affect the entire workforce, they shouldn’t just be seen as a legal tick box exercise by the business.

Ensuring consistency, assessing understanding, and reporting centrally on your compliance is integral to protecting your organisation. Rapidly deploying new safety and compliance content will ultimately save lives.

If your business cares for and respects its people, providing a platform to communicate with your workforce, engage with all stakeholders and quickly cascade changes in your policies and procedures ensures colleagues are engaged, aware and conscious of their safety.

When addressing compliance, an experiential learning approach is far more effective at improving attitudes, behaviours, and performance. A ‘teach-by-telling’ approach is right for some learners but completely ineffective for others. The knowledge retention rate from experiential learning is up to 90% compared to just 5% from traditional learning.

Ensuring consistency, assessing understanding, and reporting centrally on your compliance is integral to protecting your organisation

It is also important to distinguish between procedure-based compliance topics and those involving complex human emotions. There is a big difference between ensuring you lift and handle heavy boxes correctly and being aware of the signs and risks of modern slavery in the workplace, for example.

What if we said you could easily update your compliance content and deploy it to your entire workforce immediately?

We believe issuing risk assessments and SOPs should be simple which is why we’ve created a quick and easy process. Remotely updating one system with easy access for all those who need to digest it and instantly communicating the new policy change ensures compliance. You can even create bespoke assessments to ensure a thorough understanding.

When it comes to compliance training, there are easy steps that HR or Learning & Development teams can take to ensure it is accessible and relevant for the work force. Uploading the new documents to our portal takes seconds, followed by deciding where you want the new policy to apply through simply selecting the relevant sites.  Staff then receive a message informing them that they need to complete the training and assessment.  You can view reports on compliance in real time across all devices.

Compliance is an emotive topic but one that should never be viewed as a tick box exercise. With the right approach, it can be used to motivate and engage an entire workforce.