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At Academii, overcoming the skills crisis and unlocking hidden talent in the workplace is our mission. Our courses are created by experienced learning developers, using the latest technology, best-practice tactics, and learner feedback.

Every course is visual and engaging and depending on what the learner needs, they could be in virtual reality, peppered with games and quizzes to test knowledge and assess learning, or short, bitesize snippets of information to help knowledge retention.

Our extensive content library features over 180 courses under relevant and popular workplace learning themes. We provide engaging content with clear learning objectives across a wide range of topics including health and safety, workplace skills, people, and wellbeing.

Courses for established and aspiring leaders, supporting them to develop their leadership and management skills as well as more advanced programmes such as Lean to help improve operational excellence are also featured in our content library.

We also provide bespoke course creation and learning development, tailored to your organisation’s people strategy, learning needs and overall mission and values.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, the Metaverse – where to begin! Well, for us, it’s simple. Learners using Virtual Reality are more emotionally connected and more confident to deploy the skills gained through the experience*.

In addition to a significantly quicker pace of learning, virtual reality training has also been shown to promote greater focus, giving employees better knowledge retention and improved understanding.

The use of immersive experiences to support learning and teaching is increasing. It is our belief that this approach can be used for everyday skills development such as health and safety training, and warehouse or workplace inductions.

Games and Quizzes

Short and simple games that challenge employees to recall the information they’re learning are another engaging tactic to build into courses and training programmes.

Testing and quizzing provides the learner with instant results allowing them to understand what they did wrong, what they need to focus on, and how to improve.

Where appropriate, our learning is interspersed at regular intervals with visual and engaging knowledge checks. Turning these knowledge checks into games keeps the learning fun and interactive, offering a more interactive experience for the learner.


Long-form, classroom-based learning has its place but given the multiple distractions in today’s world and our ever-diminishing attention spans, we understand that for some learners, the best way for them to retain knowledge and skills is for it to be delivered in short, bitesize chunks.

Using simple animation and minimal text, our microlearning has just one or two learning objectives and provides quick, visual and easy-to-understand information. These courses are often part of a series and can be repeated over time to ensure the learner retains the knowledge gained.

Microlearning can also be used as a quick overview to a theme or topic, giving the learner a flavour of what’s to come.

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