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Our easy-to-access library of eLearning content upskills and develops colleagues. Log-in and learn through QR code access with course topics ranging from Workplace Essentials to Lean Management Techniques.

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Update and distribute new standard operating procedures, risk assessments and training quickly and easily to your entire workforce in just a few clicks. Track completion and report compliance effectively.

The Future of Learning

Using digital content and technology like Virtual Reality, we’re ensuring the workforces of today have the skills for tomorrow.

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Leveraging the Levy 1000 665

Leveraging the Levy

Are apprenticeships the answer to giving people the tools they need to succeed in the jobs of tomorrow, or should we be focussing on lifelong skills and the traits employers need?

Microlearning for Maximum Results 1000 665

Microlearning for Maximum Results

A style of learning that is typically less than 3 minutes, content dense and engaging, micro-learning covers just one or two learning objectives.

Compliance Made Easy 1000 665

Compliance Made Easy

When you think about compliance, quite often the words “boring”, “repetitive” and “predictable” spring to mind.

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The Skills Crisis

Across the globe, there is a growing chasm between the skills of the workforce and the needs of businesses.

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Is the Reality of Learning Virtual?

The pandemic changed the world overnight. The Covid-19 pandemic changed the world overnight…